Across one of Hawaii’s most famous tourist spots, Duke’s Beach, lies the Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort and Spa (Na Ho’ola Spa opened in 2000). Na Ho’ola translates to “many healers”.

IMG_4771Before going to the spa, we explored The Hyatt Regency Waikiki as it was our first time. We had ample time to explore and capture some photos. Being early is always beneficial and we usually make it a guarantee when it involves going somewhere new however, we went extra early because they want you to check-in 20 minutes before your actual appointment time – to enjoy what’s to come after checking in…


IMG_4786We headed up to the 5th floor where Na Ho’ola Spa was located and this was the first thing we saw after getting out of the elevator, a wall of orchids! How elegant – It really gave the spa a magical touch, as if you were headed into a new world, full of escape! This little hall led to the front desk. Oh, and yes, that little wetness to the left is a small cascading wall-waterfall.


DSC04954After checking-in, we we’re given keys to our lockers. Men and woman have separate areas to prep. The men’s bathroom was located on the 5th floor while the ladies bathroom was on the 6th floor. Each locker has its own pair of slippers and robe to change into. The robe had two big pockets to hold the keys and other belongings… In our case, it was our cameras.

DSC04957Upon entering the bathroom, this is what you see.. a beautiful open lounge! Right behind those curtains is Waikiki beach. What a perfect setting!



DSC04961To the right of the entrance, were the showers and sauna. Yes, a sauna! You’re able to go in the sauna for a few minutes then shower with the most amazing scented lubricants to ever gaze our senses. It was COCOMANGO – giving us a fresh smell and feel for the massage.

DSC04956To the left of the entrance, this is what you see. Huge mirror and lots of items to freshen up.



DSC04968After getting dressed and freshening up, we met up at the 5th floor for some tea … lots of choices that were so yummy! Usually tea is given to us while we wait in the lobby and we have no choice of choosing which tea we’ll get… In Na Ho’ola Spa, we had 8 flavors to choose from!


DSC04974While enjoying our tea, masseuses greeted us and lead us to the massage room. For every spa and every person, a spa experience will be different as each person has different aches and pains leaving a very unique feeling for everyone. Apart from the facilities, a really cool aspect of this experience was the masseuses stretching our arms and legs while massaging our bodies. It was VERY pleasurable and I wish all practitioners did the same. They also offered us two different scents to choose from, Mary picked the lavender oil and I picked the more “woody” aroma.

DSC04981After our 60 minute couple’s massage, we we’re greeted with cold water and warm hand towel…

DSC04979We also got to relax on these comfy lounge chairs while watching the sunset over Waikiki beach!

Na Ho’ola Spa facilities were the best spa accommodations we have witnessed thus far in our spa journeys. The masseuses did well in their craft and with the added stretching while massaging, definitely increases the awe factor. They only use locally made products as well! The lavender oil, hand soaps, and shampoos are made from native plants and fauna (imported from the Big Island). If you’re in the middle of Waikiki and need a place to get a quick, relaxing massage, Na Ho’ola is a great choice!

For more information on Na Ho’ola Spa, visit here.
Contact or book your spa at (808) 237-6330 or visit here.

Na Ho’ola Spa at Hyatt Regency Waikiki
2424 Kalakaua Avenue
Honolulu, Hawaii 96815
Phone: (808) 237-6330

Thank you to Na Ho’ola Spa for hosting our couple’s massage. All opinions are entirely our own.


  1. Ahh looks so relaxing. I could really use a massage myself. I’ll make sure to check this place out next time I go to Waikiki. 🙂

  2. Definitely! Everyone could use a massage – great for mental and physical states of our bodies!