If you were able to read our post of how good the Aura Restaurant was, then you’d understand how we ended up overindulging in their breakfast and ended up running late for our spa treatment at The Spa at Nita Lake Lodge! We signed the mandatory check-in sheet and were immediately directed into the changing rooms. The typical (on-time) guest would usually receive a warm or cold tea and have to time spend in the relaxing lounge.





The bathrooms were well crafted and clean. The awaiting locker contained house slippers and a robe to change into.


After changing, we had just enough time to sit in the lounge area where our warm tea waited! We sat here a few minutes and gazed upon the falling snow, in awe. The entire experience was becoming something magical. Coming in fast-paced was countered with a wave of peacefulness after being in the spa’s atmosphere for such a short time.





The Experience

The aromatherapy helped phase our mind into a comfortable state both physically and mentally. It was off to a good start. After being briefed on what I was received, the Ila Kundalini Massage, I laid down and prepared myself. Immediately the music I heard was of a hymns of the Himalayas. It was beautiful.

Ill be honest, when the masseuse told me what was going to happened, my thoughts began to wanderer and all I remembered now was “this won’t be like a traditional or body massage” which immediately sprouted questions. She was right, this wasn’t like any massage I had ever received. This spiritual awakening consisted of ancient massage techniques and chakra healing or in laymen’s terms, energy transferS. Don’t be mistaken, this wasn’t some religious practice, it was a gently way of the masseuse providing warmth to the body. I enjoyed it and respected it.

Shortly after these pulse exchanges and with my mind being in a trance like state, from all the smells and sounds, I suddenly felt something dancing on my back. I realized that this was her finger knuckles caressing my back muscles; this felt irie but soothing as it was something I had never felt in a spa before. At some point these fingers got warm and I thought it was one of those energy transfers again. From dancing fingers to warm (rocks) spots on certain areas, my entire back was feeling all sorts of ways. Maybe it was high altitude, the smells, music, or just that it was a different type of massage, I felt entirely at peace, like a high and yet, entirely aware of all these things. Like all good things I wish could last forever, the massage was coming to and end as I turned onto my back and received and gentle facial scrub.

This Ila Kundalini Massage is $155 for 75-minutes. Worth it? 100%. Top 3 treatments I have ever received hands-down.


Sipping on a cold glass of water, we then headed to the Sauna and shortly after, the hot tubs. The snow was still falling and coincidentally, full-filled a bucket list check: being in a hot tub with snow around. Nature did no disappoint as a light snowfall began to descend as we entered the pools. It had snowed all morning since breakfast and was still coming down steadily. With or without the snow, it was a relaxing experience.




The Nita Lodge Spa is a world class spa with it being featured in many magazines in such a short time of establishment. They are also apart of the top 10 organic spas in the nation! I back up this statement full-heartedly. It was absolutely the best spa we received outside of Hawaii and even outclassed some spas here as well! Instead of a “rejuvenation” it was a reset. My mind and body felt calm, comfortable, and at ease. 10/10 Experience.

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The Spa at Nita Lake Lodge
2131 Lake Placid Road
Whistler BC, V0N 1B2
(604) 966-5715

Disclaimer: Wanderlustyle was welcomed as a guest at The Spa at Nita Lake Lodge. All our opinions are honest. Mahalo!