#REIDREADS posts are dedicated to books I’ve read via Kindle, physical copy or my personal favorite (because you can speed up the reading), Audible, in a no bullshit-cut-to-the-point (biased) review at the end of every month.


Warren Buffet

What an incredible year it has been! First off, THANK YOU FOR READING! There were times throughout the year where I found these posts to be a nuisance and pointless but with encouragement, I’ve decided to stick through at least one full year and am glad I did.  I feel confident continuing this little side project for 2019.  I only hope for these posts to encourage you to read more and educate yourselves in anything you enjoy learning about!

Books come in all shapes and sizes covering thousands of different topics but some stand out more than others. Below is a list of my top 10 books for the year ranging across spirituality, trading, human behavior, psychology, and over-all self-development.


How Not To Die by Michael Greger MD, Gene Stone

– Michael Greger MD, Gene Stone
[17 hrs and 10 mins]

If you thought eating chicken and eggs are part of a healthy lean diet, this is a book you should read. A clear and thorough book about the correlation between diet and health. Basically an updated version of The China Study.

Available in: Kindle $16.99 || Hardcover $15.99 || Paperback $15.60 || Audiobook Free with Audible
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2. Smoke Signals

Smoke Signals by Martin A. Lee

– Martin A. Lee
[21 hrs 36 mins]

Hands down, the best book that views ALL angles of marijuana from the political, sociological, Physical, and mental. It’s intriguing, a story for any stoner, or interested stoner. I’m on my second listen through as there’s always something to re-learn and commit to memory. With the ever growing opportunities in the marijuana market, it’d be wise to learn more about it and its beneficial properties and knowing potential detriments from the plant.

Available in: Kindle $14.99 || Hardcover $35.00 || Paperback $19.99 || Audiobook Free with Audible
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3.  Ask and it is given

Ask and it is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks

– Esther & Jerry Hicks
[8 hrs and 39 mins]

I just finished this at the end of the year but didn’t make the cut off for December reads but this book is along the lines of “The Secret“. Incredibly powerful and realistic. It’s about the Law of Attraction and the proper steps in manifesting your desires.

Available in: Kindle $9.99 || Hardcover $5.00 || Paperback $10.19 || Audiobook Free with Audible
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4. just breathe

Just Breath by Dan Brule

– Dan Brulé
[6 hrs 46 mins]

From the guy who advises Tony Robbins on breath work. This is an extremely well written and captivating book. Mr. Brule takes the reader through various breathing techniques – little did I know that for every situation in life, there’s a way to breathe to maintain composure. Not only does he walk you through of HOW to breathe but he also he says why it’s important and key details to take away as far as mental discipline and how a positive mental shift, along with breathing, is essential to a successful life.

Available in: Kindle $5.39 || Hardcover $8.99 || Paperback $7.49 || Audiobook Free with Audible
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5. The Four Agreements

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

– Don Miguel Ruiz
[2 hrs 31 mins]

Absolutely amazing. This book deserves all the stars. 10/10 would recommend, In short:

  1. Be impeccable with your word.
  2. Don’t take anything personally.
  3. Don’t make assumptions.
  4. Always do your best.


Available in: Kindle $7.47 || Hardcover $55.12 || Paperback $7.49 || Audiobook Free with Audible
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Mind to Matter by Dawson Church

– Dawson Church
[10h 48min]

This book was incredible. As I dive more into spiritual growth and the background of what really makes this world tick, as far as vibrational energies are concerned, this book was a hammer on the nail for me. Reading different books that share similar findings, Mind to Matter was the best read I’ve had for the year of 2018 thus far and is so far ahead in my mind compared to any reads this year. More about the book: Science backs spirituality….and of course the long debated topic of turnings dreams into reality or in better terms: what is thought of internally manifests externally. If that doesn’t intrigue you then maybe hold off reading this one until you are ready.

Available in: Kindle $13.99 || Hardcover $17.10 || Paperback $17.99 || Audiobook Free with Audible
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Ego is the enemy by Ryan Holiday

– Ryan Holiday
[7 hrs 40 mins]

Only upon my second read did I get a proper review finished. Currently one of my favorite reads of 2018.

Available in: Kindle $9.99 || Hardcover $17.00 || Paperback $9.08 || Audiobook Free with Audible
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The Science of Enlightenment by Shinzen Young

– Shinzen Young
[16 hrs and 46 mins]

 Shinzen Young bridges science and enlightenment through sound explanations that have the ability to increase a more involved-self meditation sessions, no matter what level you believe to be at as a meditator. One of the best-guided meditation books I’ve read.

Available in: Kindle $10.99 || Hardcover $14.92 || Paperback $12.16 || Audiobook Free with Audible
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Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

– Marcus Aurelius
[5 hrs and 11 mins]

One of the world’s greatest stoic minds, a teacher whose lessons are still relatable in modern times. Marcus Aurelius brings the reality that we are all the same dealing with very similar situations and problems in life which can all be changed through small mindset changes, practiced daily. Great book – highly recommended. ($1 on Audible!)

Available in: Kindle Free || Hardcover $8.00 || Paperback $3.49 || Audiobook Free with Audible
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How to change your mind by Michael Pollan

– Michael Pollan
[ 13 hrs and 35 mins]

This book had me interested from start to finish and made me feel like I wanted to hear more near the end. Micahel Pollan is a well-spoken psychonaut and narrator that is probably one of a small group of people that can accurately describe a psychedelic experience without butchering it. He makes an experience sound reasonable without creating expectations or worry – just raw truth and power of psychedelics potential.

Available in: Kindle $14.99 || Hardcover $16.80 || Paperback $20.40 || Audiobook Free with Audible
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– Will Durant

Disclaimer: Wanderlustyle included affiliate links in this post to support our book purchases. Everything is my honest opinion. Thank you and happy reading!

Books To Read This Year - How Not To Die by Michael Greger MD, Gene Stone, Smoke Signals by Martin A. Lee, Ask and it is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks, Just Breath by Dan Brule, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, Mind to Matter by Dawson Church, Ego is the enemy by Ryan Holiday, The Science of Enlightenment by Shinzen Young, Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, How to change your mind by Michael Pollan

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