When we found out there’s a place in Anchorage you can go tubing, we had to check it out! Our first time tubing was at the Coca-cola Tube Park in Whistler, Canada. Tubing is such a great winter activity so we had to do it again, this time with more family members!


The only place to go tubing in Anchorage is at the Arctic Valley Tube Park. Arctic Valley is a non-profit ski area which provides ski activities, lift rides, and tubing. The drive up to Arctic Valley is beautiful so make sure to go early so you can stop along the way to take photos!

The photo above is the inside of their check-in building. They also have food and beverage available along with plenty of chairs and tables for your pre winter-activities fuel.


We purchased our tickets online a week ahead since most of the days were sold out. We highly suggest booking online, especially if you’re going with a group to make sure there’s space available for the time and day you are tubing. After all, it’s way more fun with a group of friends and family.

General admission is $15.00usd per person/per session and each session is 1.5 hours long. The tube park only operates four sessions per day with 50 people per session. You can imagine why they book out!

Once you’re checked-in and all liability forms are signed, they give you a badge with your session number for the day. This way, the tube park operators know you’re in the right session since they only have enough tubes for 50 people.


When booking, you can choose small or large tubes. The price doesn’t change whether you choose small or large tube. It’s recommended that anyone 3-9 years old has a small tube and 10 years old and over has large tubes. Only one person is allowed per tube, parents can hold onto kids’ tubes while going downhill. Make sure to book the right size tube for you because once you’re there, you’re not able to switch out your tube (unless the session is not booked out). Again, there are only 50 tubes available and 50 people are allowed per session which most likely is booked out per day.



We all went with the large tubes and headed off to the top of the hill! There’s an attendant at the bottom of the hill and top of the hill. He’s there to assist with the tow line and the one to attach it to the hoist. Don’t worry, you don’t have to walk up the hill! All you have to do is sit on the tube and enjoy the ride up!

Make sure to wear some good winter shoes since you’ll be out in the snow for an hour or so!


Once you’re at the top, it’s time to go tubing downhill – which is the part we’ve all been waiting for! Unlike the one we did in Canada, this tube park lets you go downhill facing down! You can either sit in the tube and go downhill or face down (like the photo above) which gains more speed going downhill. When going down, always be cautious of people on the run and make sure it’s clear before going down.



For only $15 per person for over an hour, tubing at the Tube Park at Arctic Valley was one of the best winter activities we did! Being that this is the only one in Anchorage, it gets booked out daily! Make sure to book your tickets online.

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