After a few days spent in the lovely Vancouver area, we headed to Whistler for more snow fun! This post is an itinerary of what we did in five days and the options for you to do as well:


Drive: We drove our rental car to Whistler from Vancouver. It took us 1 hour and 33 minutes without stopping. The drive along the coast of inlets and bays were a sight to behold. The drive undoubtedly added to the pleasurable ride.

Money: Whistler is in BC, Canada therefore, the currency used is still the CAD (Canadian Dollar).

Transportation: You don’t need a rental car to get around Whistler village since everything is relatively close to each other. Some hotels offer shuttles, and there are taxi’s/buses around the area. Getting around is easy.





Our first stay was at Nita Lake Lodge. It was only built in 2008 and has been a top spot, obtaining accolades over the years, via the spa, view, and hospitality it offers. The lodge overlooks a lake in which you can kayak, paddle board, swim, etc. during the summer months. It was frozen when we visited, but it was a marvelous sight to behold when fresh snow had covered the entire area. It is the only lakeside hotel in Whistler! Definitely worth the stay. We wish we could have spent about a week here alone to enjoy all the events and accommodations they provide truly.



In the morning we ate a vegan breakfast spot called The Green Mustache. It was an excellent place to pick up a quick plate and healthy drinks. We also brought food to eat on the go as we participated in various activities throughout the day. We ended the night with a dinner at Aura Restaurant.


Our first activity was snowmobiling! Nothing like going around 40mph/60kph over snow! It was our first time snowmobiling, but it was easy to handle like a jet-ski or ATV.

After eating, we embarked on a hike! This hike was something I’d never seen before. Abandonment in the busy western society is so rare (especially if you live in a bustling city) that when we see or hear about abandoned sites, it’s a must see! Train Wreck Trail is a trail that leads to rusty, overturned transport containers. The hike was just off the main road, easy to access, simple to accomplish and an overall good detour when around Whistler.



Just across the Nita Lake Lodge Restaurant, is a little cafe shop where we ate breakfast to start day two in Whistler. Later in the day, we took a break from the day’s festivities and ate in the middle of Whistler Village.


A late breakfast left us running late for our session at Nita Lake Lodge Spa. The outside whirlpools lead to an open view of Whistler Blackcomb and as snow began to fall while in the warm swirling waters, it was a bucket list point checked off.

The morning’s rejuvenation led us to Whistler Village where we continued to be awestruck by the winter wonderland and its gorgeous views.

With a clear mind and fresh body, we headed to our first real activity of the day: Coca Cola Tube Park. This fun area is perfect for all ages and enables just enough exhilaration that the adventure seeker or home-body would still be able to enjoy it.



The early morning, melancholy check out of Nita Lake Lodge gave us high expectations for our next stay at an AirBnB. To say it was simply amazing is an understatement to the tenth degree. It wasn’t a visit. It felt as if we walked into a friends home that we haven’t been in since a child. The cabin was inviting, gracefully constructed by hand, and contained just enough a family needed.


After seeing our new home, we headed out for the day’s event: zip-lining. Although Superfly ziplines had four lines, unlike the usual ten we are used to, it was just as impressive. The lines were miles long and aided us in reaching a speed of 40mph. It was insanely fast and allowed enough time for us to look around and enjoy the views.



Nothing like a warm Tea and morning muffin from The Whistler Tea House to start the day!


After breakfast it was a full-fun-action-packed day of snowboarding at Whistler Blackcomb! It was Landon’s and my first time snowboarding. Mary chose to ski which was also her first time doing it. This was another one of those “hard to describe” scenarios. The snow was soft, fresh up the mountain, and even snowed while coming down different runs! At the end of the day, the sun peeked through the ever hovering gray skies during our last few runs down the mountain, adding a surreal feeling that it was all happening. We can’t wait to go snowboarding again!




Our weak legs and a shattered egos (from many falls while snowboarding) kept it together for one last day of adventure. It was the least adrenaline pumping activity out of everything we had done the past week, but it was worth it. Shannon Falls was on our hit list for a quick visit. The falls is no more than a five-minute stroll from the parking lot.

After Shannon Falls, we visited our last attraction of our trip: Sea to Sky Gondola. It is walking distance from the falls, but we chose to drive that extra mile or two. The Sea to Sky Gondola takes you to a suspension bridge and lookouts that present a bird’s eye view of Howe Sound. Although we didn’t get the view as seen in pictures, I found it remarkable as we walked over the bridge through a thick moving clouds. We didn’t stay too long, but the area offers different trails for hiking and even a small tube park!

Our little journey through, around and above Whistler was outstanding! It was everything and more than we imagined and to have crossed off a few  bucket list items makes this trip that much more meaningful. The activities, the sights, and the people all made it more than worth it. Realizing that there is much to see and do in BC, Canada, we know that in the not too distant future, we will be returning!





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