DSC05527When we headed out to Haleiwa to eat at Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck, we found a little sign on the road “Keana Farms Zipline Farm Tour“. We immediately had to book with Climb Works for this zipline adventure! It was our first zipline course together on Oahu. It really is a hidden gem: the sign isn’t that obvious while driving by, easy to miss, and up until physically seeing it we had no idea it was there. Initially, we went just a few months after they opened in 2014 and most recently, 2016. We included pictures from our 2014 zip as well!

DSC05542After signing the safety waiver, we walked to the first station. It’s a taste of what the day would bring. It was quick, simple, and taught the basics of how to “do” the zipline. We then rode an ATV to really begin our three hour tour. It was a 10-minute, 2-mile ride (6 passenger) to the top of the mountain. We passed by farm and agricultural lands that help feed Hawaii’s produce consumption. The entire event consists of Oahu’s longest zipline (500 feet high, nearly half a mile long), 8 lines, 2 rappels and 3 sky bridges along with educational tidbits of Ancient Hawaii.











G0077766Along with zipline stations, we also had other fun activities: this one is to rappel down to get to our next platform, how awesome!

DSC05596Real farmlands: along the tour, we were provided with fresh water, tomatoes grown from the farm, and apple bananas; all located on Keana Farms!





Climb Works Keana Farms Zipline tour is a great day to experience the raw nature of Oahu’s landscape. Glide over forests, ride over muddy, jungle terrain, and fly across banana fields while looking out into the Pacific where you can see humpback whales breaching (literally, we saw it!). It’s a great family activity however, to participate everyone must be at least 7 years old or older and weigh under 270 lbs (123 kg). It’s $169.00 per person. We highly recommend checking out this zipline tour in Haleiwa as it’s the first, and at the time of writing this, only zipline course on Oahu.

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