2016, what a year it has been, an amazing year. Goals, dreams, or bucket list should not stay classified as that forever. Wanderlustyle makes it a mission to cross off a minimum of one major tick from our bucket list category. After all, bucket lists are there to be completed, at least in our opinion! This post is about our ‘firsts’ we did this year!

2016 was a HUGE year of self-development, change of mindsets and an even more disciplined routine. Looking back, it was an incredible year as we have reached and surpassed our set benchmarks and have outdone even ourselves. All this could not have been done if 1) we did not write these goals down and have the motivation/discipline to do it (it’s not always easy to keep the same energy which is why the payoff is all worth it) and 2) if the public, you guys, the reader, did not support us and read our posts. We owe a lot to the reader and the power of social media! Our final advice for you guys as this year comes to a close is this:
Write your goals, dreams, bucket lists or missions down for the next year and attempt to cross off as many as possible. It all starts with putting thought to paper. Physically write them down. 
With that, we say thank you, to you the viewer, and all the lessons 2016 has taught us. Cheers 2016 and Aloha, 2017; We are ready!


Two for one: 1) Camped out (in Reid’s truck) at Kaena Point & 2) took pictures of the stars/Milky Way
Hiked Crouching Lion
Kayaked and Hiked up Mokoli’i (China Man’s Hat)
Family Horseback Riding (Landon’s first time on a horse!)
Na Pali Coast
First Time Visiting Japan!
Ate Eel Sushi
Ate Horse “sushi”
First family road trip: California, Nevada, and Arizona
See The Grand Canyon as a family (Southern Ridge)
Visited: Antelope Canyon (both Upper & Lower)
Visited: Horseshoe Bend
Slide Rock State Park
Hiked: Hanauma Bay Ridge Trail
First time Gambling in Las Vegas
Helicopter flight at night (Mary)
Went on a non-stop 24-hour adventure with Circle Island Tour in 24.
South Point, Big Island – The Southernmost point in the United States.
Experienced Hawaii Food & Wine Festival
Visited: Australia (Ate Kangaroo Jerky, Emu Jerky, and Crocodile Jerky)


Check out our firsts from last year:



When you cease to dream, you cease to live.”
 Malcolm Forbes 

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