DSC06976You can visit it by Land or Air but seeing the Na Pali Coast up close and personal via the sea was something else. Not to be misleading, we haven’t seen the coast via helicopter or plane so we can’t say too much on that end however, others, who have seen it by air, told us that doing it by boat or foot is the best. Na Pali Kai Tour by Makana Charters during the afternoon was the most opportune time to visit by sea. It’s the best tour for photographers since lighting of the sunset amplifies it’s raw beauty. The tour was a total of almost 5 hours (2pm-6:30pm).

slim-napalikai-water(source) photo of our boat.

DSC06820En route to these locations are beautiful beaches only accessible by boat, some of which were film locations for big blockbusters!



DSC06791*TIP: plan to do this boat tour in the summer; the water will be more calm, less windy, and no unexpected rain storm will ruin your view of the coast. We were fortune enough to have clear weather but the tour prior to us had a minor rainstorm which cancelled snorkeling and hazed out the beautiful views. Although, it did provide for beautiful waterfalls. We snorkeled for approximately 30 minutes and ate lunch once back on board.




G0134151Crystal clear water (even more clear in the summer!) with abundant sea life swarming around.








DSC06967During the summer, the boat is able to navigate into these sea caves when it’s not as rough.

DSC06975The boat not only visited sea caves but also went through two cliff-waterfalls, that was cool, literally.

IMG_1014These photos are nothing compared to experiencing it’s true beauty. We HIGHLY recommend visiting the Na Pali Coast via boat and there’s no better way to do it than through Makana Charters Tours. The staff were very knowledgeable of the surrounding area, friendly, and extremely helpful for the activities of the day. Visiting the Na Pali Coast like this is definitely a tick off the ole bucket list and it couldn’t have been better. Thank you to Makana Charters for an awesome time out on the water! We will be back for a summer tour for sure!

For more information on Makana Charters visit their website, facebook, and twitter.

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  1. Definitely! It really makes you feel small. Makes me appreciate nature and all it has to offer a lot more when seeing these beautiful places.