1. The Way of the Iceman

The Way of the Iceman by Wim Hof and Koen De Jong

– Wim Hof & Koen De Jong
[2 hrs and 32 mins]

Bouncing off of “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins, coming off the standpoint of pushing physical abilities, capable through a mindset, in addition with books, like “Just Breathe” by Dan Brule, comes the Wim Hof method. Wim Hoff, AKA The Iceman, who has harnessed the power of the breath to achieve immunity balance and sustain core body temperatures in negative degree weather.

The most interesting thing is Wim Hof openly teaches his methods and has passed the gauntlet of scientific scrutiny. His recommendations of cold showers have also proven to be beneficial to our overall health (Fun fact: Spartans took cold showers on purpose).

Proper breath can allow us to do unfathomable things. Try it yourself! I can’t really get into it without linking a video to Wim Hof himself, expalining how to practice this breathing technique:

I can say from first-hand experience, taking a couple of minutes to center my breath and breath heavily into my stomach helps sync my mind and body to take on colder elements and warm myself up.

Although I do recommend this book, everything he teaches in it can be found online. An incredible human with extraordinary control of his mind and body we can all aim to achieve one day.

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2. The Manual

The Manual by Epictetus

– Epictetus
[47 mins]

Similar to Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations – Both Marcus Aurelius and Epictetus are both great Stoic teachers that have messages and lessons that transcend time.

The Manual; Although short and sweet, and can be finished in under an hour (or even less than 30 minutes if you speed it up), there were a lot of things to take away. Here are a few key notes I jotted down:

  • If something is beyond your power (like events and politics) let it go.
  • Accept people’s nature instead of denying who they are.
  • Whenever a challenge arises, turn inward and ask what power you can exercise in the situation.
  • Going through pain = practice fortitude (mental fortitude)
    – If you have a revelation = practice patience
  • Rise to life’s challenge than becoming overwhelmed by them.
  • Be patient with food and thankful for when it comes. (Boy, this is a key one, haha)
  • Your opinion of a situation is how you feel.
  • Stoic: “emotionally resilient to misfortune”
  • No one can steal your peace of mind unless you allow them; don’t give them that power over your emotional state.
  • Whenever a challenge arises, turn inward use life’s challenges to grow.
  • – Care for your body as needed but put the necessary energy in developing your mind.
  • A person’s worth is not found in possessions or style.
  • Don’t go around preaching, be an example. ask questions, know nothing.
  • There you all have it! Some key takeaways from this masterpiece!

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3. Roots of Buddhist Psychology

The Roots of Buddhist Psychology by Jack Kornfield

– Jack Kornfield
[8 hrs and 39 mins]

Similar to Eckhart Tolle’s “The Journey Into Yourself” in both style and content of the book. Jack Kornfield guides the reader/listeners in a similar way over multiple talks/seminars. This style is beginning to grow on me as the answers are raw and the way both individuals (Mr. Kornfield and Tolle’s) strategic, yet, comprehensive explanations for all type of situations that occur in life.

  • 12 lectures.
  • relatable to current world affairs in ways to apply mindfulness practice.

Recommend this book if you’re into lectures, if not, I’d recommend something from Eckhart Tolle. Overall though, great book and definitely worth multiple re-reads.

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I’ve recently slowed down my reading but will still aim for 3-5 books a month and just continue to re-listen to them as well as research more about the author to find more content in regards to the topic through interviews or lifestyle actions, etc.

With these 3, they were all quite equal as it all related to stoicism in some way. Creating a more disciplined mind for ourselves, will eventually overflow and influence others around us in everyday life. Slowing down and taking these works to a deeper, metal level, will amplify the quality of the book and create a more in-depth review. Hope you all enjoy these reads everyone! Let me know what you think of these titles! As always, Mahalo Nui Loa for all the Aloha and support. Stay stoked!


– Will Durant

#REIDREADS posts are dedicated to books I’ve read via Kindle, physical copy or my personal favorite Audible. I enjoy reading and digging deeper in every way. To level out the consumption, I want to provide something fun value and maybe educational the reader! Here are my no bullshit-cut-to-the-point (biased) review at the end of every month.

Disclaimer: Wanderlustyle included affiliate links in this post to support our book purchases. Everything is my honest opinion. Thank you and happy reading!
Books to Read this Year - The Way of the Iceman by Wim Hof and Koen De Jong, The Manual by Epictetus, The Roots of Buddhist Psychology by Jack Kornfield

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