We recently picked up our suitcases from Delsey. They are at the forefront of advancing how humans transport things through lightweight, economical and stylish luggage. We have the Delsey Titanium in Black Cherry and Silver (25″) which will be perfect for our winter wonderland vacation to Canada! Through “trial-run-packing” we realized how much just one luggage will be able to carry half of our belongings for three people. Landon will have his own, the Titanium in Black Cherry design, while Mary and I will be using the Titanium in Silver.

Watch the video to see the actual things we are bringing on the trip!Reid’s Packing List:
Dakine Waterproof Jacket • 4 T-shirts • 3 Long sleeve Tops • 4 Pants • 3 Sweatpants • Shorts • Belt • Beanie • Balaclava • Gloves • 2 Stance Wool Socks • 2 Regular Socks • Watch • Forsake Shoes • Toiletry Bag

Airport Wear:
Forsake Waterproof Shoes • Base Layer • T-Shirt • Pants • Express Coat

Mary’s Packing List:
Target Base Layer • 5 Pants/Legging • 4 Sweaters • 1 Columbia Coat • 5 Undergarments • 1 Bikini • 2 Wool Socks • 3 Regular Socks • 2 Beanies • 1 Balaclava • 1 Scarf • 2 Columbia Gloves • 1 Foldable Backpack • 1 Foldable Duffle Bag • Makeup Bag

Airport Wear:
Columbia Boots • Yoga Pants • Sweater • Coat • Scarf

We can fit all of this in our lightweight, compatible Delsey luggage!

What’s in my Travel Makeup Bag:

What’s in our Travel Toiletry Bag:

Disclaimer: Thank you Delsey for gifting the suitcase. 



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